Subjective Recruiting is the Complete Opposite of a ‘Shot in the Dark’

Adding ourselves to your hiring process or job search requires significant value.  To add that value, we seek to understand what is important to you and help you find it.  We’ve combined years of recruiting experience, modern studies about job satisfaction and a little bit of common sense to create proprietary profiles to quantify and qualify what really matters to you or your firm. Our success is your success.


For our clients, we only share candidates that:

  • You aren’t already aware of
  • Possess the technical skills required
  • Could thrive in your environment
  • Match up with compensation and benefits offered
  • Are interested in your company
  • Are available to interview


For our candidates, we recommend positions that:

  • Have the types of responsibilities you want
  • Match your compensation requirements
  • Align with your professional strengths
  • Provide the environment you need to thrive
  • Use the technologies you prefer
  • Have a team setting that fits how you work

What to do next?

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