No, not likely.

According a recent MIT Technology Review article, experts in the field of AI and Machine Learning don’t foresee the field’s ability to tackle global problems (food disparity, climate change, global poverty) anytime soon but all appear to agree in its inevitability.  So we’ve still got a few years to prepare for the machine revolution.

The article (and its subsequent links) provides insights from Elon Musk (real-life Bruce Wayne), Eric Schmidt (Alphabet Exec) and Mike Schroepfer (Facebook CTO) about the state of AI today and what needs to happen for it to be able to solve more pressing issues than beating humans in chess or tagging people in photos.  Essentially, these experts think we are a couple dozen ‘major breakthroughs’ away from being able to accomplish the lofty goals of the AI optimists and evangelists.

It’s our sinking suspicion that quantum computing is going to hold the key properly utilizing AI.  This is because the algorithms and variables that will be used to solve global problems will necessarily have to be rather large and Quantum computing’s ‘qubits’ allow for exponentially more data to be processed than modern ‘2-bit or binary’ processors.

AI is one of the fastest progressing technologies of the last decade and is an area cultureable is focusing on in 2016.  We are going to be closely following Google Deepmind and Elon Musk’s OpenAI for major breakthroughs in AI.

Cultureable’s primary goal is to help companies working on the cutting edge of a variety of AI disciplines (machine learning, computer vision, etc.) with passionate candidates to help build truly remarkable deliverables.

As of today, AI and machine learning is on the cutting edge of many things, but they seem a bit small scale compared to the ambitious aspirations of industry leaders. We can’t wait for tomorrow.

For the articles we’re referencing, be sure to head here