The internet of things (IoT) has been a dream for over 20 years.  The initial vision was having a ‘smart-home’ with smart appliances that speak with one another and their owners to make life more convenient.  Running low on milk? Need to pick up eggs? Did you forget to lock your doors or turn off the heater/AC? The IoT was supposed to eliminate many common headaches plaguing the homeowner. In as much as that, it has succeeded.

Internet of Things Concept

Internet of Things Concept

What else is there for the IoT to conquer? Why is cultureable focused on working with clients that are at the forefront of commercial uses for the IoT?

Simple, the potential for the IoT is remarkable.

IoT essentially creates a tremendous amount of data (some might quantify the amount as ‘big’.)  The value of this data is in the analysis.  Taking the concept of the ‘smart-home’ and applying it to businesses will allow business leaders to gain deeper insights about all facets of their businesses.  We foresee the tangible aspects of the IoT (the sensors and other hardware) will become commonplace in practically all business in the near-term.  Large consulting companies will use this technology to help companies analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their business and help them achieve higher levels of efficiency.

The issue many are rightfully concerned with is the lack of security in the IoT space.   Currently, many devices composing the end-points in an IoT network do not automatically encrypt the data being transmitted.  This is mostly due to capacity limitations of modern batteries and the manufactures’ belief the data transmitted isn’t too valuable.

We believe the IoT is in an ideal position to take advantage of Moore’s Law in addition to advancements in numerous other fields of technology.