Who we are:

Cultureable is a company dually focused on helping individuals find their most ideal position and organizations find the most ideal candidate for their position. We do this using a simple approach we call ‘Subjective Recruiting’.  We believe personalities and environments are equally important to skillsets when making career decisions.  We believe recruiters should only deal in information.  We think a recruiting process should automate the gathering and analysis of information whenever possible.  We know which things ought to be discussed and ask the same questions every time.

What we do:

We create intelligent profiles for individuals and opportunities. We literally routinely ask poignant questions and add more value than a standard resume or job description or transaction-focused recruiter. In addition to a candidate’s skillset, we gather information aimed at understanding how certain specific factors affect their job engagement.  Similarly, we gather information from the hiring managers to quantify and qualify factors of their environment and technical requirements for the role. Lastly, our content goal is to provide a regularly updating source of valuable insights for the career-minded IT professional.

How we do it:

Cultureable analyzes the information from both candidate and position profiles against one another to determine the feasibility of a potential match. We’re obsessed with the integrity of the information we gather.  We gather the data ourselves in a uniform process. We want to eliminate many of the inefficiencies and headaches plaguing the industry for both candidates and hiring managers.   We operate with discretion, we protect your privacy and we strive to continuously improve our process.

What to do next?

Read our disclaimer.  Learn more about subjective recruiting.  Contact us to get started.