Every Company Has a Culture, Are You Ready to Fit Yours?

Chances are your firm’s recruiting practices do not properly account for the culture or environment you’ve curated.  This fundamental flaw is the most significant reason recruiting efforts become inefficient and ineffective.  Our subjective recruitment approach addresses this from the beginning of our process.  By understanding your culture, we’re able to focus our efforts to find the type of candidate with the personality, preferences and skills that will thrive in your environment.

Problems our clients used to face:

  • Finding too few qualified candidates
  • Finding too many unqualified candidates
  • Interviewing candidates that ultimately don’t come to work for you
  • Partnering with recruiters that do not understand your culture and vision
  • Receiving little to no insights provided by your recruiting partners
  • Relying only on candidate applications to source their candidates

What is it Like to Work With Cultureable?

Cultureable Features:

  • Position profiles that encapsulate what you do and how you do it
  • A better understanding of candidates before you speak with them
  • Anonymous and professional representation in the marketplace
  • Access to hidden &/or passive candidates
  • One point of contact at Cultureable
  • Intelligence and insights provided by the ‘Subjective Recruiting’ approach

Cultureable Benefits & Value:

  • More efficient and effective interview process
  • Less time spent reviewing unqualified candidates
  • Less time wasted interviewing candidates that don’t align with your culture
  • Higher offer acceptance rate
  • Faster hiring decisions
  • Better candidate satisfaction

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